EVOLV3 is now in its rd year and we have been offering the EVOLV3 Talks programme since 2020. In our first year, we released the talks via our social media and our website and last year we shared them via a live zoom followed by summer releases on social media. On Saturday 18th July 2022 we were very excited and proud to host our first live EVOLV3 Talks Conference. We invited the speakers’ parents, teachers and guests to the event which included seven talks, a contemporary dance performance and a piano piece.

The speakers prepared an interesting selection of talks, attending after-school public speaking workshops for several weeks and a weekend master class with Mr Gale. During the workshops, they learned and practised a variety of public speaking skills and techniques to help the students improve their performance. All the speakers battled their nerves well to deliver their talks with confidence, passion and poise. They demonstrated their ability to engage and connect with the audience and showcased the calibre of students we have at HIS.

The piano piece primavera played by our Music Ambassador Maia (Year 8 ) and the contemporary solo dance from Academic Scholar Yara (Year 9) helped create a lovely balance and atmosphere to the event.

The event was hosted superbly by two of our outstanding Post 16 Academic Scholars Romeq G and Aryan D. They did a great job adding some humour and their personality to hook in the audience. This helped create a wonderful occasion for everyone involved. Throughout the summer, we will release on social media and the website the students’ talks each week.

We look forward to growing EVOLV3 Talks further again next year

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