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SwissCanonica Gourmet Food (Canonica Restaurant & Catering LLC) has been operating in Dubai since 2015. We provide premium quality school catering for the top Dubai schools, as well as corporate and private catering. The Dubai branch is part of the Canonica Group with headquarters in Geneva Switzerland where the operations have been running since 1948. The Group specialize in F&B industry, Hotel Management, Airport Retail, Laundry Services, Food Laboratories and Artisan Hand-Crafted Chocolates. Canonica Group operates across Europe, USA and UAE. “At SWISSCANONICA, we believe healthy and nutritious food is vital for growing children. Hence, food quality is our key priority, which is why we place so much emphasis on our ingredients. To ensure a balanced and healthy meal every day, the menus are created in consultation with a nutritional specialist.

A twelve weeks’ meal rotation is offered to the children, considering the right balance and nutrition. All recipes follow the Dubai Municipality guidelines and are Dubai Municipality approved.

The high-quality ingredients are carefully selected and sourced from reputable suppliers. Bringing together local, seasonal and organic ingredients, showing traceability of products and ensuring no GMO products are used.

Daily menus consist of a starter, a protein based main and a healthy dessert. Vegetarian option for main dish is also available upon request daily.

SwissCanonica Chef and his team cook European inspired menu with a mix of dishes from around the world. Each Thursday the Chef creates a country-specific menu – helping children to learn about the world through the meals they eat.”

The Lunch Meal Menu for September/October 2023

Lunch Menu - August to September Lunch Menu - October to November
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