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BSO Inspection Report 2023/24

Outstanding in all areas!


At Horizon International School, we are immensely proud to have achieved an ‘Outstanding’ rating in every category of the recent BSO inspection. This prestigious recognition is a reflection of our holistic approach to education, blending academic rigour with a nurturing environment. Our students’ remarkable progress and achievements are a direct result of our innovative teaching methods and the vibrant school community we’ve cultivated.


On this page we invite you to review some of the inspection’s key findings that exemplify the uncompromising standards we aim for as a school and community.

Quality of Education

Inspection report highlights:

  • As a result of regular curricular adaptations and deep knowledge of the pupils, teachers attune their lessons to meet pupils’ needs.

  • Teachers have an excellent grasp of their subject and continually contribute to curriculum development.

  • Teaching assistants are fully integrated into the lessons and diligently augment learning by leading small groups and supporting individuals as necessary.

Result: Outstanding

Pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development

Inspection report highlights:

  • The spiritual moral social and cultural (SMSC) development of pupils is outstanding.

  • Pupils of all ages demonstrate excellent self-esteem, resilience, confidence, and behaviour for learning.

  • Teachers and other staff provide an excellent range of learning experiences to help pupils deepen their knowledge and understanding about life beyond the school.

Result: Outstanding

Welfare, health and safety of pupils

Inspection report highlights:

  • The welfare, health and safety of pupils and staff is outstanding.

  • The entire staff team works together to ensure that the school environment is safe at all times of the day.

  • Systems for monitoring and managing attendance are very effective.

Result: Outstanding

Leadership and Management

Inspection report highlights:

  • The leadership and management of the school are outstanding.

  • The principal and vice principal have been very successful in changing the culture of the school. There is now a very strong team, with all members invested in, and, without exception, proud to work at the school.

  • Accurate self-evaluation contributes to the whole school improvement plan and the plans of different departments and phases of the school.

Result: Outstanding

English Language & Literature

Inspection report highlights:

  • In English, children in foundation stage 2 begin the year with higher communication and language skills than is typical for their age, particularly if they joined the school at age three.

  • In the primary phase, pupils continue to make rapid progress, again reaching standards well above England averages in both reading and writing.

  • In secondary, pupils continue to develop their vocabulary and can make clear and relevant links between texts and contexts. IGCSE results in both English language and literature are well above English averages.

Result: Outstanding


Inspection report highlights:

  • In mathematics pupils’ attainment and progress are outstanding overall.

  • In key stage 1 pupils rapidly develop their problem-solving and critical thinking skills resulting in excellent progress.

  • Secondary pupils continue to acquire excellent knowledge skills and mathematical understanding.

Result: Outstanding


Inspection report highlights:

  • The attainment and progress in science is outstanding across the whole age range.

  • In the early years almost all children attain age-related expectations and more than 70% exceed them.

  • In secondary IGCSE results are above England averages.

Result: Outstanding

View the Inspection Report in full: HIS BSO Inspection Report 2023/24

About the BSO Inspection

This inspection report follows the English Department for Education (DfE) schedule for the inspection of British schools overseas. The inspection was carried out by three inspectors from Education Development Trust who spent four days at the school. Education Development Trust is a body approved by the British government for the purpose of inspecting schools overseas and quality assured by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted).

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