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Post 16


Horizon International School Post-16 strives to be a successful and caring learning community.

A community that inspires individuals to meet the challenges of the future and positively contribute to our local community in Dubai.

Our school is proud to be a broad, inclusive Post-16. Every Post-16 student can expect a caring and enriching learning environment. Our pastoral and guidance structure ensures that we get to know our students as individuals, and as a result, our students benefit from personalised career guidance and academic support. Most of our Year 11 students stay on, and ambitious, hardworking individuals from other schools join them. If you want to join our Post-16, please contact our registrar.

Our Post-16 curriculum is gaining a reputation in Dubai for academic success. Our students, supported by our teachers, tutors, and parents, set and achieve challenging goals.

Post-16 Expectations

Every Post-16 student acknowledges their influential role in the life of the school and understands their responsibility to our wider local community.

Post-16 students are expected to exhibit excellent behaviour, punctuality, and attendance. These are all good habits and skills that will stand them in good stead in their futures, including university.

Most of our students go to university at the end of Year 13. Over the years, our students went on to study at some of the world’s most prestigious universities. Certain students will take apprenticeships in competitive industries; the remainder will take a gap year before taking a place at university.


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