Creating and Performing


Drama & Theatre

Drama is an art form, a practical activity and an intellectual discipline. A drama education, which begins naturally with learning through dramatic play, will eventually include many elements of theatre. Through interactive teaching and learning techniques students are engaged and motivated to enjoy and achieve in drama at Horizon International School, and we place great emphasis on providing a safe and fun learning environment with a creative and fulfilling atmosphere where learners are motivated and enthusiastic to develop skills in theatre and tools for life, which will be intrinsic in their lifelong learning.

Performance is high on our agenda at Horizon International School. We strive to give our students ample opportunities to have access to performance whether that is through the monthly Let’s Perform Showcase in the drama studio, Primary and Secondary School Shows, theatre trips, LAMDA Award, Links with Theatre practitioners, acting workshops, vocational training opportunities with professional actors or even drama club, all our students can challenge themselves and enjoy drama in a variety of activities offered throughout each year group every year.

Horizon International Drama department recognises that social well-being is founded on personal maturity and emotional literacy. Human concerns and relationships are the foundations of much drama. Drama lessons provide a safe context to explore such issues. Drama makes an important contribution to the development of learning skills along with flexibility, empathy and risk-taking. All are rooted in the learning in KS3 and beyond.

From year 7 to 9 Drama provision is one hour a week, with an option to take Drama GCSE (AQA) at KS4 and A Level (WJEC) in KS5. LAMDA qualifications are being introduced in September 2020.