Early Years Foundation Stage


Your child’s first years at school lay the foundations for their life-long learning. Here at Horizon International School, we encourage children to form positive relationships and develop emotional intelligence through a range of different learning styles. We expect children to make mistakes and build resilience to have another go, enabling them to become independent learners.

At Horizon International School, children experience a safe, warm and happy environment where they can thrive. Our teachers focus on a student-centric approach, allowing children to learn through play. This helps them to develop their language skills, emotional intelligence, creativity, social and intellectual skills.

All children arrive at school with different experiences and needs: therefore, personalised learning is at the heart of our provision. Teachers are continuously observing the children in the school environment and building on what the children already know. We provide the children with the tools to develop their learning styles, which will lay the foundations for the skills they will need in the future.

At Horizon International School our curriculum is based on the UK Early Years Foundation Stage. We offer a rich and varied curriculum, rated outstanding by the DSIB. We teach the children a range of life skills, challenging and deepening their knowledge by questioning how and what the children are learning. Our main priority is to ensure every child reaches their full potential through play-based activities, enabling all children the time to learn, play and make friends. Our shared learning areas and classrooms are planned to give children the opportunity to lead their own learning, with teachers extending their ideas through questioning, allowing the children to enhance and develop their thinking and learning across all areas of the curriculum. The shared areas are set up by the children and the staff enabling children to consolidate and apply their learning through themes and topics that interest them.

We believe that parents need to be actively involved in a child’s progress during these formative years. Our Foundation Stage curriculum is designed in a way that our youngest learners and their parents make the most out of these special years. We offer lots of opportunities for parents to experience their child’s learning and see their child’s progress through Parent-Teacher meetings, termly reports, Let’s Learn sessions, Online Parent Workshops and Parent Time.

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