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MFL Masterchef 2022 - 20th March 2022


Fostering Language and Culinary Skills: EVOLV3 MFL Master Chef Competition 2022

The EVOLV3 programme continues to provide a broad curriculum of innovative, enriching opportunities for a variety of students across the school. On Sunday 20th March 2022, 11 of our most talented linguists and curious cooks from KS3 were identified for their ongoing commitment to modern foreign languages and their ability within food technology. They were invited to take part in the EVOLV3 MFL Master Chef Competition 2022 EVOLV3, linking to our school value of Diversity.

Culinary Rivalry: EVOLV3 MasterChef Showdown

EVOLV3 MasterChef Championships: Fostering Linguistic Skills and Culinary Creativity

Our highly skilled MFL teachers Miss Makan, Miss Lyall and Mrs Zanjani our Food Technology teacher prepared an excellent event. Each competitor was placed in teams of two and separated into two separate competitions. Three teams were asked to prepare a Spanish main and desert and the other three teams were tasked with creating a popular French meal and desert. Each recipe was written in either French or Spanish and the teams collaborated together at each stage of the day.

All the ingredients were provided along with their EVOLV3 aprons, which looked great and the competitors had to read the recipes and select what utensils they needed to cook the dishes. They then got to business and worked together to create their culinary master pieces. They were provided a set time in which they needed to prepare, cook, present their food and also take part in an interview where they had to discuss what they had created in the chosen language.

From the start of the competition there was a lovely calm but focused atmosphere and the students worked purposefully around the kitchen. It was great to see the level of focus and composure demonstrated by each team. While they were cooking, they were being observed and monitored throughout by our panel of judges. Throughout the day the smells and sounds were incredible and doubled the excitement towards the taste test at the end of the day. Everyone finished, all within the set time frame and the final dishes looked amazing.

At the end of the day when each team had finished all the parents were invited in for the taste test and help the judges decide the overall winners of the Spanish and French Master Chef Competition. The criteria they were using to judge was broken down into different categories including taste, presentation and overall appearance, level of independence, their linguistic skills and presentation. The parents were extremely impressed and it was lovely for the students to share their creations with them and to hear all the positive comments. Everyone received a certificate and prizes were awarded to the 1st and 2nd place teams.

It was a very difficult decision as they were all so good but congratulations to the winning French team Mahira and Noor and the winning Spanish team Denys and Hamza.

A message from Miss Makan - "Pour bien cuisiner il faut de bons ingrédients, un palais, du coeur et des amis."
The French say, "To cook well you need good ingredients, a palace, a heart and some friends."

We had all of these things at our MFL MasterChef EVOLV3 Championships (we made the Food Tech room our palace for the day)!

It was amazing to see the collaboration, determination and enthusiasm displayed by all the children who participated.

Congratulations everyone who took part in the fabulous occasion. It was a great day and experience which we hope will inspire these students to continue to enhance their linguistic mastery and continue their passion and talent for cooking. Maybe we will be dining at one of their Michelin Star restaurants in the future.

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