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Happiness - 28th November 2019


The Year 6 team have launched a new and exciting opportunity which will benefit all the students.

The idea, suggested by the students, is to create a team of Year 6 students who will work together to develop a student led and written yearbook.

TOn Saturday 28th November, 12 year 6 students were invited to take part in an EVOLV3 session. It was designed to challenge the students to use the skills needed to be effective member of a Media Team.

Horizon International School's Media Skills Workshop

Horizon International School's Day of Learning and Collaboration: Shaping Future Media Experts

The day was split into three parts and the student's performances were assessed throughout. Focusing on the value of happiness, Stage 1 was a birthday party themed escape room. The students were split into two groups and were challenged them to problem solve, work collaboratively and to find clues to answer seven riddles. It was a race against the clock and both rooms were videoed via Zoom. Miss Day and Mr Gilhooley watch on from afar and offering some advice along the way while observing how each student within the group contributed and worked together as a team.

The Second part of the day was to plan how and what they would write up about the experience.
This was an individual task with each student testing their ability to structure a well-rounded written article.

Once they were happy with what they wanted to write, Mr Petkar led them through the digital concept and introduced them to an application called Flip Snap which can be used to develop professional publications.

The students then demonstrated their technical skills and adaptability by learning to master a new software programme within a set time frame of 30 minutes. This was designed to challenge and put them under pressure to produce a strong written piece ready for publication, similar to how a media team would have to work in a real-life context.

It was great to see how engaged the students were throughout the day and hearing their enthusiasm about what they had learned.
All the students performed extremely well making the decision over who will be selected for the Yearbook Media Team very difficult for Miss Day and Mr Gillhooley.

We look forward to seeing the Yearbook develop further throughout the year.

Many of these students have now signed up for a 10-week training programme led by the personal trainers from the newly opened Studio Republik. These sessions started on Wednesday 15th January 2020 and will update you on the students’ progress throughout the term.

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