Extracurricular Activities


Horizon International School understands the importance of providing a broad and balanced curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our school offers a wide range of after school activities to enhance the learning experience of our students. In addition to internal clubs (facilitated by the staff at school), we also offer a selection of paid extracurricular activities through trusted external providers who offer the quality provision synonymous with HIS.

If there are clubs that would enhance your child's educational experience, we would be glad to hear from you.

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# Swimming


From FS2 to 6th Form, swimming is a high profile sport at Horizon International School. In lessons, we focus on developing our students confidence in the water, their stroke technique and water safety. Our Swim Squad includes students from Year 3 upwards, with training taking place before and after school to help students prepare for DASSA and BSME competitions. The PE Department is supported in both curriculum lessons and Swim Squad training by fully qualified coaches from Aquatix to assist in their progress.

# Athletics


Athletics at Horizon International School runs across Years 3 to 13 and is very well attended by our students. During lessons, we focus on developing track and field techniques, changing the equipment used and skills taught dependent on age and ability. We have entered U10 to U18 DASSA Athletics and gained some outstanding results. In the 2018-19 season, three of our U11 athletes made the DASSA finals and gained medals in both the Long Jump and Shot Put. Athletics is also a major part of the BSME U11 and U13 Games, with our main focus being on ensuring we are ready for these specific events.

# Basketball


Basketball at Horizon International School has been full of success over the past few seasons in DASSA. We hold a Boys U11 and U18 Basketball Squad with our U11 team winning DASSA league in 2018/19 season. In curriculum time, students develop the fundamental skills and techniques in Basketball along with teamwork and communication skills vital in team sports.

# Football


Football is one of the most popular sports at Horizon International School. We have Boys teams from U8 to U11 as well as a U13 Secondary team. Our Girls' squads are in the U11 and U13 categories. Curriculum-based football lessons look at developing skills and are always adapted and differentiated depending on student ability. Our focus is on team play and organization. The Elite Football Academy assists us with squad training to help progress, train, and prepare, our promising and talented players ready for DASSA competition and BSME tournaments.

# Rugby


Horizon International School is a developing Rugby School with our students enjoying learning and developing skills in lessons and Primary Touch Rugby Squad. HIS hold links with Dubai Tigers Rugby Club, who assist with specialized rugby sessions afterschool.

# Netball


Netball at Horizon International School has proven to be a popular activity within the school and the number of students participating is ever increasing. The school has teams at U9/U11 and U13 levels who train regularly throughout the year and compete in the DASSA leagues and BSME competitions. This year has seen many success stories for both our primary and secondary teams. The PE Department also offer lessons within the curriculum at Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5 level allowing students to learn the skills and tactics of this fast-paced invasion game.

# Aquathon


Students from Years 4 to 13 can participate in Aquathon DASSA competitions, which consist of a distance swim followed by a distance run. This sport is great for students cardiovascular fitness and is very popular in Dubai. Horizon International School is very competitive in this sport with our Primary Students gaining gold, silver and bronze medals in the 2019/20 season.

# Rounders


In recent years Horizon International School has had huge success within the DASSA leagues for the Rounders teams. The school have been crowned champion of their divisions for the U11 mixed team and also the girls U15 team on more than one occasion. This year is the first year that we have entered a U18 team into the league allowing a large number of our KS4 and KS5 student the opportunity to represent the school. Within the curriculum students also experience Rounders as an option at Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5 which feeds into the extra-curricular activities leading into Term 3.

# Dance


Dance at Horizon International School is part of the Key Stage 2 and 3 curricula and is offered as a GCSE option for Key Stage 4. There are also several dance clubs provided for students which allows them to develop their skills in a variety of genres of dance. Horizon International School has taken part in Dubai’s Desert Showcase, this year the senior dance team were awarded ‘The Spirit Award’ while the junior team received ‘The best narrative’ award. To support our Creative and Performing Arts journey, dancers from HIS have also taken part in school musicals as well as performances for events such as Winter Fest and International day.

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